Healthcare Facilites

Whether you are a hospital, surgery center or clinic we can provide the compliance solution you need. We are familiar with all aspects of healthcare facilites and comply with all local requirements.


We have the experience to meet your laboratory compliance needs. We can help you comply with OSHA, CAPS and local regulations and help insure employee safety.

Construction Issues

Whether you have new construction or are making improvements to your current facility, we can make sure your works and patients are safe throughout the construction process.

Why Us?

Environmental Testing Solutions LLC is a national testing company bringing compliance to your facility by testing for various chemical, biological, and environmental hazards that are either present or emanating into, around, or out of the facility.

Environmental Testing Solutions LLC can provide a single site assessment or the safety management requirements of a complex project. All services are directed towards the identification, quantification, and management of the issues at hand. In addition, qualified and professional personnel offer an appropriate spectrum of benefits and support.

Environmental Testing Solutions LLC is committed to furnishing the finest technical expertise available without any hidden agendas or additional costs to its clients.

Our Services