About Our Company

Environmental Testing Solutions, LLC is a national testing company specializing in Indoor Air Quality. We bring compliance to your facility by testing for various chemical, biological and environmental hazards that are either present or emanating into, around, or out of the facility. Our personnel continue to grow and evolve in conjunction with new health issues, code and regulatory requirements, system design improvements and client efficiency needs. Through the use of advanced technologies and years of experience we can provide a single site assessment or the safety management requirements of a complex project.

The Beginning

Environmental Testing Solutions, LLC started through the management and oversight of the day to day operations of another testing company. We soon realized they lacked the vision, inspiration and determination to grow and adapt. That's where we come in. We realized the status quo should not be the standard, but should be the foundation to grow upon and excel upon. We understand our clients and their needs and most importantly we listen to our clients and provide a solution that fits them and not us!

Continued Growth

We never forget why we are here. We are here for the sole benefit of our customers and through those partnerships we continue to grow and expand our portfolio of products and services. We are not satisfied with just doing the job right, we want to make sure that we not only meet the needs of each and every client, but exceed their expectations.

Adapting to the Needs of our Customers

Technology evolves at a rapid pace and usually too rapid for most people. We understand the need to adapt to new technologies and methods. We are not left behind by new technologies, we embrace them and incorporate them into our day to day operations. We continually listen to our customers and our competitors and adjust accordingly. We also closely monitor and adapt to new rules, regulations and methods adopted by all government agencies.

Our Focus is You

Our focus is you is not just a line on our web site. We continue to strive to be the best in the industry and provide our customers with timely responses and answers to all their needs. Most companies focus on the bottom line and monthly revenue, and it shows! We see it a little differently, our customers are our bottom line and the whole reason for our existence. We have learned one thing and the only thing that really matters, treat each and every one of your relationships like you did in the beginning and those relationships will never die. Trust and respect is not something that is given, rather something that is earned and we promise to earn yours each and every day!