Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Testing Solutions, LLC can provide detailed analysis and recommendations to help improve employee comfort and safety for almost any medical or commercial environment.

We account for most common parameters such as Carbon Dioxide, Relative Humidity, Thermal Comforts, various odors, mold, dust and particulates.

Indoor air pollution can be caused by many factors, including:

      An accumulation of contaminants from inside or outside of the building
      Various Chemicals
      Improper ventilation
      Improper temperature and/or humidity control
      Biological Contaminants
      Location of air intake sources
      Too much or too little re-circulated air or outside air

Ventilation systems within a building are dynamic and vary according to design, use, specifications and proper maintenance. Ventilation systems are designed to restrict air movement in and between various rooms, remove odors and contaminants from various rooms, provide filtration from airborne microorganisms and protect staff from unnecessary exposure to contaminants and reduce risk of infection. If your ventilation systems are not working properly or do not meet the requirements for the specific use of the space, you could face Hugh liabilities and unnecessary lawsuits from your employees. So it is important to address any issues immediately. We have the expertise and equipment to evaluate your situation and give you detailed recommendations to insure your employee's safety and productivity.